The Versa-Tuk® is ambidextrous and comes in three different finishes. This is probably the most versatile IWB holster ever made. Two sizes will fit almost all concealable handguns. The small/medium fits most J Frames and small to medium semi-autos. The Medium/large will fit most of the larger revolvers and semi-autos. The Versa-Tuk™ features our Tuckable 360® C-Clip which makes the holster adjustable for cant and height. An optional J-Clip is available.


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Tim Easley Mar 7th 2019

Great multi gun holster

I bought the Nylon version of this holster along with a form fitting one just to try it out. Wow, better than I thought. Holds my S&W 38, Ruger LCP II 380, and a Glock 43X 9mm. That's a big range of guns for one holster. Best thing I liked it that it held the gun deep inside my pants but was still easy to draw. Plus it's super light because there's almost nothing to it. Quality is very high so I know this will last me a long time. Thanks

Jason J May 11th 2016

Very comfortable.

Affordable, small, secure fit, ability to change cant and location for comfort and low print.

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