The Flex-Tuk(TM) tuck-able IWB for the S&W J frame 2" can be worn comfortably as a appendix carry or a cross draw and everything in-between. Its specially formed mouth allows effortless re-holstering. It's fitted with our polymer "C" clip for easy adjustment. Our highly concealable J clip and hex key are also supplied.


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Jim Martin Oct 28th 2019

The only holster for a Kimber K6s DASA 3"

This is only holster I could find for my Kimber K6s DASA 3". This holster turned out to be a great holster, perfect fit and very well made. Thanks

Chuck Herro Sep 26th 2019

Flex-Tuk 100% Perfect

I purchased my Flex-Tuk for my Kimber K6 DASA 3" revolver for concealed carry. It is perfect. Though I intend to use it as an appendix carry, it is constructed to be used IWB any where in-between. It is comfortable and reholstering is a breeze. DeSantis is a high quality organization that obviously cares about their product and their customers.

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