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Safety Compliance

Before continuing, READ THE ATTACHED AGGREEMENTS. Do not operate or retain these products unless you have read and agreed to the following terms:

  • Firearms can be extremely hazardous, inherently dangerous and can cause death or serious physical injury.
  • Firearms should be handled and used ONLY by persons who have been properly trained and qualified, in their use and safekeeping.

If you have purchased a new handgun, be sure to first read the safety instructions that accompanied it before using the handgun in conjunction with any DeSantis product. All DeSantis products are carefully designed and manufactured from the best available materials to perform their intended function properly with the firearms for which they are designed and marked. Use of DeSantis products with firearms for which they are not designed and marked, or with firearms that have been modified or customized or otherwise changed from the original manufacturer's specifications, greatly increases the likelihood of an accidental and potentially dangerous discharge. This may result in death or serious physical injury to the user or a bystander.

Examples of modified or customized firearms include, but are not limited to the installation of trigger shoes, wide target triggers and hammers, custom grips, grip wraps, grip adapters, addition of tape or rubber bands to the grip, extended safeties, laser sights, sight ribs, compensators and internal "action jobs" which tend to compromise the margin of safety intended by the manufacturer. Also, the use of an improperly maintained, abused, or defective firearm increases the likelihood of an accidental discharge at any time during its intended use, from drawing and holstering to firing, loading, unloading, carrying and storage. DO NOT use any DeSantis product with any firearms that has been abused, is defective or has been improperly maintained.

If your DeSantis product becomes defective, or if you have any questions regarding its use, maintenance or adjustment, immediately cease using the product and call Customer Service at (631) 841-6300.

After purchasing your DeSantis holster, test it with an UNLOADED handgun to insure proper fit, to break in the holster when necessary, and to become familiar with the holster's safety features. Double check to insure that the magazine has been removed and firing chamber(s) are empty.

Be certain that the handgun is firmly seated in the holster prior to use. If originally incorporated in the holster design, any straps or snaps contained therein must be utilized for maximum safety and security. Snaps and other fasteners are not manufactured by DeSantis. Periodic inspection is mandatory to insure proper form, fit and function of these products.

Tension screws should be checked periodically to insure proper tension. Also, saddle soaps, oils or mitt and glove dressings should not be used on DeSantis holsters as they will shorten its useful life and increase the possibility of accidental loss of handgun. DO NOT ALTER IN ANY WAY, ANY SAFETY DEVICE INCORPORATED IN ANY DESANTIS PRODUCT TO ACCOMMODATE HANDGUNS OR OTHER EQUIPMENT FOR WHICH THE DESANTIS PRODUCT WAS NOT DESIGNED OR INTENDED. Following are additional safety warnings incident to the use of DeSantis holsters:

Always keep your finger OFF the trigger when drawing and holstering.
NEVER HOLSTER A COCKED HANDGUN. We do not recommend that pistols be carried "cocked and locked" (round in chamber, hammer cocked, safety on) also known as Condition 1 Carry, with any DeSantis product.

When drawing and holstering a handgun, always control the muzzle. Be sure that the muzzle does not point at any portion of your body, especially your non-shooting hand. Practicing "fast draw" or "quick draw" techniques without the guidance of a certified firearms instructor can result in an accidental discharge, which may result in death or serious physical injury.

Place your hand over your handgun during any strenuous physical activity such as running.

No holster can completely secure a weapon from unauthorized removal by an assailant or adversary or from falling out of the holster during various activities. It is ultimately the user's responsibility to use caution and to practice weapon retention practices and techniques. It is also incumbent upon the user to be familiar with the tactical and procedural guidelines regarding the use and carrying of firearms in close proximity to potentially dangerous individuals that may be in effect with his/her department or agency. As an example, your department or agency may prohibit you from wearing a firearm while fingerprinting an arrestee.

In order to guard against accidental loss of the handgun, holsters must snugly fit the handgun. This may cause the slide to go out of battery when holstering with the result that the handgun may not fire when needed. It is advisable to always place your thumb on the back of the slide to insure that the slide does not go out of battery while holstering.


Because we cannot control the use of products, all DeSantis products are sold "as is" and "with all faults". All warranties of merchantability or fitness for intended use either expressed or implied, and any liability for incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of any DeSantis product are disclaimed and excluded from the retail sales transaction. At the time of the original retail sale and delivery, the purchaser and NOT the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer assumes the entire risk and responsibility for determining the suitability and fitness of the product for the particular use intended.

Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties or liability for incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you. The illustrations shown here are typical as to finish and application. Due to uncontrollable variances in color saturation, the actual product may differ slightly from that shown in our catalog. DeSantis will incur no obligation with respect to merchantability or otherwise for this eventuality.

As a matter of courtesy, DeSantis is concerned about the product it sells, we therefore solicit comments or inquiries to completely satisfy our customers. Any correspondence should be sent to:
DeSantis Holster and Leather Goods
431 Bayview Avenue
Amityville, NY 11701