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Why DeSantis Osprey IWB/OWB Puts You Atop The Food Chain

Why DeSantis Osprey IWB/OWB Puts You Atop The Food Chain

image/svg+xml Aug 10th 2018

You have to marvel at any species with the grit for survival. It’s a tough planet out there. Entire categories of animals have been erased from the historical record by – take your pick - overhunting (dodo bird), asteroids (dinosaurs), climate change (wooly mammoth). But the osprey is a bird of different feather. Overwhelmingly successful, this bird of prey has spread to nearly every continent across the world. Why? Focus. The osprey does one thing only and one thing well: it is a remarkable hunter. Shakespeare claimed that its primary prey - fish - would simply turn belly up in the water to prior to an attack. It’s like nature’s way of hoisting the white flag in the face of defeat.

But when it comes to personal defense, white-flagging it is not an option. Surviving a life-threatening situation is the reason you put in all those hours for target practice, tactical defense and firearm safety courses. Natural selection has blessed the osprey with all kinds of “equipment” to keep it at the atop the food chain. We humans on the other hand have to use our intelligence to pick our “gear” to protect us from “extinction”. So it’s no mistake that we named our latest and greatest IWB/OWB leather holster after the “king of the birds”: The DeSantis Osprey.

Both ospreys’ best common feature is their thoughtful design. The flying osprey’s unique biological adaptations, like reversible toes studded with sharp spicules for a vice-like grip on its prey, help it to dominate. Once in the osprey’s talons, a caught fish is almost surely going to become a fish taco. The same holds true for the DeSantis Osprey leather holster. While we craft our holsters the old-fashioned way – by hand – we use the latest, most precise technology to create a hand-in-glove fit on your weapon. Your gat will stay absolutely put until you draw it from the DeSantis Osprey.

An exceptionally tough species gets that way by being versatile. 99% of an osprey’s diet consists of fish, but it will resort to rodents or whatever is available to stay alive. Likewise, the DeSantis Osprey is essentially two holsters in one, depending on your survival needs. It can be worn on your belt or as an IWB holster, and then a single snap strap converts it for inside the waistband use. No tools necessary. Now that’s superior adaptation.

Wild ospreys also possess exceptional longevity. Certain sub-species can live 30 years or longer. Not only is DeSantis one of the longest surviving/thriving American holster companies in the world, but many holsters we built 40+ years ago are still on the job. In fact, our holsters are so well constructed that you might even be able to will your DeSantis Osprey to your nephew (the responsible one).

Likewise, anyone will tell you: DeSantis concealed carry holsters are the most dependable on the market. Ospreys in the wild are one of the few species that mate for life. We’d place a bet that if you buy a DeSantis Osprey IWB/OWB today, it will (literally) still be by your side years from now…and then some. No Hollywood marriages here.

Whether it’s in the backwaters of Australia or the back streets of Hoboken – the Osprey is a superior survivor. So don’t be a bird brain. Stay at the top of the food chain with the DeSantis Osprey