Osprey ® is a trailing slot OWB/IWB holster built from premium tan saddle leather. The belt slots will fit belts up to 1 1/2" wide. The IWB strap is "cantable" and easily removed without tools. The #159 is available for medium and large autoloaders. ** PATENT PENDING** 


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Buffalobwana Jun 30th 2018

Quality product

Very nice piece of leather. It’s a little bit bulkier than a kydex, but I knew that going in. If you want soft edges, you have to sacrifice somewhere. Kydex has a place, and I use a few Kydex holsters, but have yet to find one that fits this gun well. Wore it out to dinner last night with a Sig P938 (Like a Kimber micro 9mm). IWB appendix. Rides right, it’s as comfortable as that style can be. Nice attention to detail with stitching and pre-stretching of leather. Good color and fit. Nice quality piece of leather. The snap to hold the loop to the belt is difficult to engage, but once it snaps, it’s not coming loose. I think this is more of a “learning curve” issue on how to wear it or attach it rather than a QC or design issue. I have no issue with it now that I have figured this out. You trust your life to these products, so I have no doubt the holster will stay where it should if I should ever have to depend on it.

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