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1.00 LBS

The Radio Tender™ is a rugged radio holder designed to fulfill mission requirements of a major Federal LE Agency. Built to accommodate the Motorola APX 6000, the Tender™ will satisfy the requirements of most LE and other first responders. This ambidextrous scabbard is built of 0.125” Thermoformed Plastic Polymer and will accommodate either the large or small battery. The Tender™ provides an audible click when re-holstered and features twin tension adjustments and a snap on bungie tie down dual tensioning devices. The Tender™ works with or without the epaulet microphone attachment. The Tender™ is available on the GSA schedule or open market. This is the full kit version which includes all of the following attachments:

  1. Plain clothes mount #Y62 which is adjustable for both height and cant, and fits all belts up to 1 ¾”.
  2. Duty belt mount #Y101 which is adjustable for height and fits 2 ¼” duty belts.
  3. MOLLE mount #Y100 which can be attached to any MOLLE platform and can also be used with a 2 ¼” duty belts.
  4. Plain clothes Paddle #Y61 for easy on and off (adjustable for angle).