The Facilitator® style #042 is constructed of rigid .125 Kydex® sheet and glass reinforced nylon for strength and durability and features our Redi-Lok™ trigger locking device. It can be worn strong side (butt rearward) or cross draw (butt forward). The Facilitator® is SLIM, which makes it much more concealable than the competition. The combat proven Redi-Lok™ makes this model very secure and snatch resistant. The Redi-Lok™ is a trigger locking device that is totally instinctual so almost no new training will be necessary. It is located on the inboard side so it's out of the sight of any adversary. Belt slots are 1 3/4" wide. Available in black.


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6 Reviews

Rick Sep 21st 2019

FACILITATOR Holster Sig 365

I normally do not buy retention device style holsters but this one I like. The thumb release is natural as you grip the gun and adds virtually no time to the extraction. Fits my 365 perfect. I'm wearing it to church tomorrow. Well done!

Matt Aug 24th 2018

Sig P320 x-carry

Very hard to find a level 2 holster for the 320 compact. Awesome holster for on and off duty. Gonna buy another for my P365.

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