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Will Your Holster Last 40 Years? Ours Did.

Will Your Holster Last 40 Years? Ours Did.

image/svg+xml Apr 26th 2018

History Quiz: Which holsters do you own right now and use everyday? Follow Up: Of those holsters, how many were purchased during the Carter Administration, circa 1976? If you're like most people, the answer is "zero". But if you bought your holster from DeSantis GunHide when disco was still a thing, the answer could be "several". 

How do we know? We recently discovered a holster we built at the same time an unknown actor named Sylvester Stallone starred in a little movie called ROCKY (the first one). And this holster, just like the Italian Stallion, "went the distance". Forty years distance, to be precise. And it's still standing.  

With globalization, we've all become familiar with the "built-in obsolesence" economy. Products are made overseas by unskilled laborers, shipped en masse and can be purchased for cheap at your local big box store. But of course, cheap really is cheap. For all the low "up-front" cost, these products don't age well. They wear out quickly or simply break within a few months. They are literally obsolete by design.


The DeSantis family has a different idea. Recently, one of our loyal DeSantis customers sent in their holster for repair. Of course the very idea of "repair" sounds bad. On it's face; it sounds like the "built-in obsolescence" economy all over again.


Except this holster was 40 YEARS OLD(!) And all it needed was a new snap for the thumb break. Everything else was perfect (see photo of actual holster above). So our craftspeople fixed it, shipped it back out and now the customer is again using it every day.


Sometimes progress is good. Sometimes "Old School" really is old hat. But when it comes to concealed carry holster quality, that's an old idea we respect every day. Our company was founded when Master Holster Designer Gene DeSantis designed and built his first gun holster at his kitchen table - by hand. And we've never really deviated from his initial idea; we've simply scaled it up so more law enforcement professionals and gun enthusiasts can enjoy our product. Our holsters are still made by hand and built in the USA by skilled craftspeople.


Some companies seem to think customers are as disposable as the cheap products they make. But at DeSantis, that's our family name on every holster. It represents our quality guarantee to our loyal customers. That's why we don't want to see holsters coming back in for repair. Unless they were made when everyone in America had rotary telephones. Now that, we can live with.