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Waist Not Want Not: Summer Holsters for Women

Waist Not Want Not: Summer Holsters for Women

image/svg+xml Jul 24th 2018


  Alright ladies; it's time. Summertime to be exact. And you've been working hard to look good all winter. Unless you’re one of those annoying Barbies with a “fast metabolism”, keeping fit is hard work for women. There are so many diet plans, lifestyle options to choose from.  But the real secret to success? Motivation. Now that's its all warm and sunshine, you can show off all those winter hours on the treadmill. Cue the summer wardrobe! Mini shorts; skirts, dresses. Especially that one that fits you like a glove and you just know you look damn good in it!

But Houston, there IS a problem. You're a lady who likes to carry. For you, personal defense is a must. You won’t go anywhere without your gun.

You know what’s guaranteed to NOT make you look thinner? A gun strapped to your waist! With mom jeans. And a belt. What's next? A rumpled raincoat? On the other hand, does dressing sexy mean you have to be unprepared?! In a word, no.

Here's the good news: desantis gunhide - the experts concealed carry holsters for women - definitely does not want a gun to ruin your sexy silhouette. Without the "conceal", what's the point of "carry"?

Instead of bulking out your hips and thighs with a traditional belt or iwb holster, why not strap your weapon in a place where a little extra padding never hurt anyone? The desantis underfire bra holster hooks right over your bra strap and sits flat against your chest. The clever design makes sure small pistols fit securely so your firearm is there when you need it. Just reach for your gun, pull down, and you are ready to defend yourself. The underfire also comes with three different size straps, so it fits any body type perfectly.

The underfire bra holster is made of soft suede that won't irritate your bare skin. Now you can hit the town in that hard-earned red dress knowing two things: not only are you prepared but, you look fabulous! So now, not only are you confident because of your shape, you're secure knowing you are well protected. And that is the ultimate reward for resisting those cupcakes all winter.