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3 Best OWB/ IWB Holster Fits for Fall

3 Best OWB/ IWB Holster Fits for Fall

image/svg+xml Sep 22nd 2018

Fall doesn't play ball. The waning months of summer/early fall can be a little unpredictable weather-wise Crisp cool weather requires a light jacket or a heavier shirt, but things don't always work out that way. This time of year, summer has a way of barging in like an unwanted nephew from Jersey. Sure, you like the kid, but his presence creates some inconvenience and requires a change of plans.  

Likewise, personal defense isn't something you just "throw together." Concealed carry requires planning and tactical considerations to be effective. But given unpredictable conditions, how do settle on the right concealed carry holster? Erratic fall weather can make your decision tougher, because temperature and precipitation can fluctuate wildly - sometimes on the same day. Imagine heading out with your belt holster and a jacket on a cool morning, when the sun pops out and temperatures climb into the seventies. You're walking around sweating like a fourth quarter linebacker because you can't dress down without revealing you're concealing. What you really need is a belt holster that can easily convert to an IWB holster on the fly. 

Master Holster Designer, Gene DeSantis, is way ahead of you. IWB/OWB holsters aren't a recent development at DeSantis Gunhide; they've been an integral part of the product line for a long time now. So come Fall, you don't have to bake while you rake. Here are our favorite, super versatile, IWB/OWBs:  

1. THE OUTBACK is a freshly-designed, ambidextrous OWB/ IWB holster handcrafted from center-cut steer hide. Just two sizes of this concealed carry holster will fit almost all handguns.  The exterior is craftsmanship-finished with durable polyurethane sewn with contrasting nylon cord. The tuck-able 360 clip allows unlimited positioning as an IWB and can be quickly removed for OWB carry. Worn as a twin-slotted, pancake style OWB, The Outback keeps your gun tight to your side and ready for drawing. 

2. DUAL CARRY II also features our Tuck-able 360 degree 'C' clip for unlimited positioning adjustment in IWB mode. Just position the clip with a couple turns of the supplied alen wrench. Super easy! Made of soft non-molded leather, DC2 also comes with with an integral belt loop for OWB carry. A built in thumb break gives you extra security and deep concealment J-clips are available as an additional option. 

3. THE PROWLER is one of the latest offerings from our new, all-Kydex Pegasus line of concealed carry holsters.  Our integrated Redi-lok system makes this IWB/OWB a level II self-locking holster that will defeat potential gun grabs.  The Prowler can be used as a tuckable IWB holster, as well as an OWB holster. Our 360 C-Clips make it both tuckable and adjustable for cant and height. Each Prowler is molded with genuine Kydex sheet to incredibly precise specifications.