DSD RIG (.223 MAG)
DSD RIG (.223 MAG)

DSD RIG (.223 MAG)


Designed for domestic and foreign operations where maximum firepower needs to be discreetly carried, the DSD™ from DeSantis® is the answer. This rig allows the user to carry a SMG as well as an additional 2 full-sized magazines all the while presenting no visible weapons. Both hands of the security agent are free to open doors, manipulate crowds and direct the assigned principal's direction. The rig features a "quick-detach" system that allows for rapid disengagement of the weapon from the rig if an extended incident engagement occurs. The rig is easily concealed under a wind breaker or mid-length jacket. The DSD™ rig is mainly made from heavy duty Mil-Spec nylon webbing and is built to be comfortable and durable. It will work with most sub-machine guns and is equipped with a magazine pouch for either 9mm or .223; please specify when ordering. Available in black.


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