DeSantis(R) announces its latest improvement in concealment leather, the #014 Die Hard Ankle Rig. It's built from top grain saddle leather and finished on the outside with a super tough PU coating. This combination of materials was originally designed for Federal Law Enforcement with longevity and performance as primary concerns. The smooth leather lining protects the gun's finish and offers a quick, silky draw. The Die Hard Ankle Rig features a tough top grain leather lined holster with a conventional thumb break that has been attached to a neoprene leg band. The leg band is both padded with foam and lined with sheepskin. A calf strap (C14) and boot extender (C15) are optional. This meticulously molded holster is both handsome and very comfortable. Available in Black.

** This holster is to be worn on the inside of your ankle opposite to which hand you will draw your firearm with. A right-handed shooter will order a right-handed holster and it will attach to the inside of your left ankle. **


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Ryan Dec 10th 2018

Very comfortable

Absolutely love it. Extremely comfortable and well made. The leather work is top notch and fits the firearm perfectly. (Mine had no break in period) The neoprene is wide, and thick and stretches plenty even around my 8 inch boots. The "sheep skin" backing makes the holster that much more comfortable. The "hook" portion of the Velcro extends beyond the neoprene about 2 inches. Which will give even the biggest ankles the ability to wear it comfortably. The only negative I have to say about it is this. For some reason Desantis placed their logo on the inside of the neoprene against your skin. Rubs and hurts and caused a sore. This is my only reason for giving it 4 stars instead of 5. (Just cut it out and good to go)

Blaine Newlin Sep 13th 2018

Must Have for J-Frame

These are my favorite ankle holsters and use regularly with J-frame S&W and a Glock 43. Very important in my carry options. A S&W 340 in this you forget you are carrying, a 440 is there but still comfortable. G43 works but is a little square profile. Get the calf strap.

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