DeSantis Gunhide announces its latest addition in IWB nylon, the #M24 Tuck-This® II. It is built from heavily padded 1050D black Ballistic nylon and lined with slick pack cloth. The widely adjustable belt tab can swing from cross draw to FBI-strong side carry. The tab allows the shirt to be tucked down in between the gun and trousers affording nearly total concealment. Auto-loader versions of the Tuck-This® II will have a magazine pouch built into the front holster spine. The M24 is currently made for most concealable hand guns in both right and left-hand versions. DeSantis made the original "Tuck-able" in the early seventies and cataloged it as the "IA" holster. Accommodates belts up to 1 3/4" wide. Available in black.


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Michael Diakun Jun 24th 2018

Fit this holster

Nice compact holster and clip feature. Good value should get durable service from it.

Glock G Sep 28th 2015

Great Little IWB for Glock-17

Lightweight, humidity and heat are not a problem, fabric does not irritate skin, carries Glock 17 securely and safely with room for extra magazine, left-or-right handed shooters can switch with simple tool, great for all positions of concealed carry.

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