Our new E-Gat Slide is a basic neutral cant concealment OWB holster that works equally well on the strong side or cross draw. The E-Gat Slide works with both revolvers and autos and is offered only in BLACK-finished top grain leather. It is available for most medium & large autos and most small frame revolvers.


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James A Jun 6th 2018

E-Gat Holster Review

The E-Gat is a great holster. Simple design, well constructed with quality materials. It holds the gun securely with minimal bulk. I purchased an E-Gat a few years ago for my Glock 19 and have been extremely pleased with it. I recently acquired a Kimber K6s revolver and felt the E-Gat would be a perfect companion. I was very happy when I received the E-Gat for my Kimber. It was of the same high quality as my previous purchase and fit the K6s perfectly. I highly recommend the E-Gat as a quality product at an excellent price.

Michael May 18th 2018

Review request

I purchased my first Desantis holster rom a gun shop in New Hyde Park, NY in the early 90s. I have been a LEO over 30 years and carried as a private detective for another 8 years. The E-Gat Slide I just purchased for my Sig P-365 is of the usual high quality I have come to love of your product line. I find it fits close to the body and rides high as a concealed holster should. I have also found hoverer that without a tension option or a thumb snap the gun is a bit loose in fit. My suggestion to you is to add a thumb snap option (old school) which I will buy. Thank you for your consideration of law enforcement purchases and I remain a Desantis fan.

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