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When we designed the original Nemesis(R), we thought that it would remain the best pocket holster forever! Well, it just got even better! The Super Fly(R) has outdone even the best! Super Fly's(R) new exclusive sticky rubberized fabric is even more viscous than the Nemesis(R). We have also added a removable, reversible outer flap to even further disguise the firearm. This pocket holster will absolutely not move out of position in your pocket. The inside is made of slick pack cloth for a low friction draw and is reinforced with added polymer in the right places. Back or front pocket design. Available in black.


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Customer Reviews of the SUPER FLY
Perfect for me
Pros: I have been looking for a conceal carry holster that would work for me. I have to wear my shirts tucked in and no jacket to hide IWB carry. Saw this and thought I would give it a try. I have been carrying my Glock 43 daily now for 1 month and no one has spotted it...not even my wife has noticed it. The extra flap that is adjustable really hides the grip so the outline of a pistol never shows. Different holsters for different folks but I have found it
Submitted by David from Brandon, MS on May 27, 2017  
Super Fly Ruger LCP custom
Pros: Holster fits custom perfectly does not snags sights on draw. Surface is very tacky and helps holster to stay in pocket on draw. Printing is minimal and with the added flap is very hard to distinguish the shape of the gun. Also it is very comfortable to carry

Cons: None that I can tell.

Other Thoughts: I didn't want to list this as a con but the flap can make it a little tricky to draw not impossible just adds a little extra step to drawing to be sure your not in front of flap. I had been looking for a holster specifically for the custom as the lcp holster will fit but will snag when drawn most times. I have not had an issue so far with it snagging and am very happy to have a holster that is actually made for the custom and works.
Submitted by Frank from Newton, NC on November 16, 2016  
Works great with a snub nose
Pros: The Fly is the ticket for my LCR 9mm. It disappears in a pair of loose fitting camy shorts. Still like my leather holster but when concealment is paramount , the Super Fly is the way to go. Thanks Desantis

Cons: Zero
Submitted by Steve from Palmetto, FL on November 02, 2015  
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Works Great
Pros: I carry a SA XDS-9 in mine. It simply disappears into my pocket. It absolutely does not print. Most times I do not use the larger flap, but with big square cargo pockets that would work well.

Cons: None. None. and None.
Submitted by Dave from Barrington, IL on September 04, 2015  
Super Fly for glock 42 with laser lg-443
Pros: Fits fantastic, does not print at all. Easy draw and easy re-holster of the gun. Stays in the pocket when drawing the gun.

Cons: Have not found any problems.
Submitted by Max from Las Vegas, NV on April 17, 2015  
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Extremely Good Product
Pros: i've been using one for several years now, and I'm often recommending it to friends. It fits the firearm snugly, but is rubberized on the outside so it stays in your pocket, while cleanly releasing the firearm when drawing. I like the removable flap, and it can be used in both left and right pockets. I think it is a remarkable product and I've been highly pleased

Cons: The only issue I had was that sometimes the magazine release gets pushed inadvertently by pocket pressure. I glued an ordinary garden hose washer to the inside of the holster such that the magazine release button is in the hole. Problem solved

Other Thoughts: I'm impressed by this companies products. I also have a Nemesis for a smaller pistol, and it also works well.
Submitted by Michael from Forest, VA on January 07, 2015  
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GLOCK 17/17 GEN 5/19/19 GEN 5/22/23
S&W 99, 990L 9/40, SIG P220 CARRY
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