The Pocket Shot® is our latest way to conceal and rapidly access your small auto. The #110 disguises itself as a wallet but can be brought into action instantly without removing the gun. It's made of black leather, is ambidextrous, and will carry several different 380 and 32 autos. This holster is illegal in California


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Ramiro Sanchez Jan 31st 2020

Pocket Shot Holster

I like it. It fits my Ruger LCP perfectly. It's small enough to fit in most of my jean pockets. I'll probably buy one for my Beretta Tomcat and my Colt Mustang too.

Joe Dec 31st 2019

Works well with Sig 238

I bought one of these initially for my Sig 238 which came with Hogue grips that make it too wide to fit, but with regular flat plates it works very well. I have medium to large hands for a guy, and I can grip the gun comfortably and shoot it from within the holster as intended. Every feature of the pistol can be used without restriction including the manual safety for those that use one. I eventually bought two more and put them aside in case they become restricted to purchase in MA.

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