The Incognito(tm) is available in three sizes. This holster is built from a sturdy 1060D padded Senior Ballistic Nylon and cleverly hides your small semi automatic handgun in plain sight! It can be worn both horizontally and vertically and is held closed by a Velcro(R) fastener.


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dave cadieux Oct 2nd 2019

the best holster I own

This is the best holster I have owned. Tried shoulder harnesses, belly bands, ankle holsters. IWB carry is not an option because I wear button down shirts that tuck in. This holster offers access that is faster than shoulder, belly, or ankle holsters. In plain view, and no bothers to even ask what this "little nylon case" is on my belt. Only gave it four stars because I would have preferred it have a magnetic flap to open rather than the noisy velcro. Still the best conceal carry holster I own (even bought a spare one for backup)

Dennis May 17th 2019

Incognito black holster

Love this holster! Rode my motorcycle for 16 days from Waldport Oregon to Denver and back. I never worried about my LC9 coming out of this holster nor anyone fearing my having it. Wore it into restaurants, federal parks, tour busses, service stations, shopping malls and so many other public gathering places. I would highly recommend this holster to someone such as myself, someone who wants to carry concealed yet not unintentionally make anyone else feel threatened because someone in their vicinity is armed.

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