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The City Slicker(TM) coin purse, Style M63 is built from fine glove leather and lined with sturdy pack cloth. It has a removable pants clip and a strong nylon hand strap. The City Slicker(TM) will carry all of your coins and other small heavy items with comfort and security. It offers great protection in crowded city areas and while vacationing abroad. The City Slicker(TM) can be worn in your handbag, tucked in your pants or in your jacket or pants pocket.
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Customer Reviews of the CITY SLICKER
Why am I first?
Pros: It's a coin purse. Who couldn't use one? Slips easily out of the pocket or waistband. Doesn't draw unwanted attention very discrete defensive tool.

Cons: Bigger than a normal coin purse, but that's kinda the point. Long strap could make pickpocketing too easy. Large plastic clip could snag up on something (hasn't been a problem for me yet).

Other Thoughts: I bought four One each for myself, the wife, mom, and mom-in-law. Refuse to leave the house without it now. Loaded it up with loose (U.S.) change and added a few thick Pesos to give it a little extra mass. Still can't believe I was the first to review this cool thing but y'all have been missing out if you never paid attention to this. I figure DeSantis' problem is: folks just don't see what it's good for at a simple glance, it needs to be demonstrated
Submitted by William from Houston, TX on October 06, 2016  

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