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Customer Reviews of the THE NEMESIS
Great CCW holster
Pros: Exactly what I was looking for to go with back pocket jeans carry. Finally a holster that retains my AMT Backup in proper position. The holster stays in pocket when the gun is drawn.

Cons: 0

Other Thoughts: Took a while for me to find this holster to determine if it would work with my AMT Backup which it does.
Submitted by Barry, December 30, 2016  (reply)
Nemesis for Kel Tec PF9
Pros: Holds my compact 9mm in place for a fast and easy draw. Comfortable to wear with shorts and slacks. Gun stays upright for obtaining the proper grip. Outline of the gun is totally concealed from view from the outside of the pocket.

Cons: None
Submitted by Robert, January 24, 2016  (reply)
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Nemesis for Sig P232
Pros: The holster adds minimal bulk and hides the outline of the pistol pretty good. It does not shift around in the pocket. My gun draws easily and it is easy to hook the wing leaving the holster in the pocket.

Cons: None so far. A separate spare mag (or mags) holder for my other pocket would be nice. I am undecided whether the end of the muzzle should be covered.

Other Thoughts: The stitching is well done, and fits my pistol snugly. It seems to be a durable and economical pocket holster.
Submitted by Robert, August 17, 2015  (reply)
1 of 2 people found this review helpful.