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My second mini scabbard
Pros: Great fit. Conceals my Ruger LC9 autoloader with Laser/Max as well as their mini-scabbard model does for my Ruger LCR revolver... without printing. Very comfortable for all day wear, even on summerweight cargo shorts.

Cons: Only that this is such a good looking holster in black leather that I might be tempted to order another one in tan.

Other Thoughts: Before I found that DeSantis had a holster for my Laser/Max equipped LC9 I had ordered a holster from a another manufacturer (I have several of their outside the belt models). However their mini-scabbard holster fit very poorly with enough looseness and space away from the body that it prints very badly. DeSantis seems to have eliminated this problem with its double belt loop fitting which brings it tight into the side of my body and with no shifting.
Submitted by Frank, September 11, 2015