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Customer Review
Very Nice IWB Holster
Pros: Comfortable, Firm fit, Good concealment and very high quality leather construction.

Cons: The belt straps are a little bulcky but I can work with it. The holster was a bit on the pricey side. $79.95 retail at a local gun dealer.

Other Thoughts: Overall I think this IWB holster is a fantastic option for concealed carry. I would highly recommend this holster for anyone looking to conceal carry a full size or subcompact handgun. The holster is very comfortable and with the right clothing it disappears. My everyday attire ranges from jeans or cargo shorts and a T-shirt or button down short sleeve shirt left untucked. I would avoid tight-fitting T-shirts and polo shirts though. I highly recommend this holster.
Submitted by Felix, August 16, 2015