Car-jackers have a new enemy: the DeSantis Kingston Car Seat Holster. When danger lurks, there’s no worse feeling than being unable to access your weapon. 

An unsecured, loaded gun in a glovebox is not a safe solution when traveling by car; neither is wearing your gun. Imagine losing precious seconds working through the tangles of your seatbelt in order draw.

That’s why DeSantis went full auto to design the ever-resourceful Kingston Car Seat Holster. Positioned between the legs on the front, vertical edge of any car seat, this unique holster grants safe access to your weapon while still maintaining a stealth profile. Whether you are right-handed or a south paw, your firearm is always within easy reach thanks to an ingenious ambidextrous design. And it’s so simple to install! The Kingston Car Seat Holster easily straps on to the base of the seat with an adjustable nylon strap provided with your kit. The durable materials used in the design will last years and hold up under long use and changing weather conditions

Want more versatility? Detach the holster from the strap and tuck it in your waistband! The carrier portion of the Kingston Car Seat Holster is based on your elite law enforcement Pro-Stealth IWB. And an integrated mag pouch on the front of the holster pushes the value pedal to the metal.

Put the brakes on car-jackers and take back your tactical edge with the Kingston Car Seat Holster from DeSantis.

MSRP is $59.99